Flamelet 1.10 is available on the App Store (free update)!

The free update to version 1.10 is now available on the App Store.

This versions supports now 3D-flames, while 2D-flames are rendered with the same efficiency as before.

Complete list of changes:

  • 3d-flames (iterating points with three coordinates (x,y,z) instead only two (x,y))
  • four new random flame generators (for generating 3d-flames)
  • new variations
    • ztranslate, zscale, zextrude, zcolorshift, scale3D, zcone, zclear, zblur
    • affine2d, affine3d
    • cylinder3D
    • curl3D
    • flower
    • flux
    • twoface
    • escher
    • julia3D, julia3Dz
    • mobius
    • mobiq
    • pointgrid3D
    • wave3D
    • spherical3D
  • improved variations:
    • bokeh (3d support)
    • dinissurface
  • improved add transform-window
  • increased (doubled) the time for a long-press
  • fixed a bug causing the app to terminate after you double-tapped in the main editor view, when a color transform was selected
  • fixed a bug causing buttons displayed at the wrong position in the “render/images” section
  • improved the code regarding image-sharing to Facebook
  • internal optimizations to the renderer
  • some more resolutions added to the render module
  • new camera section in the editor, some options in the editor-popup removed
  • slightly improved undo
  • updated the reference manual

Official site: http://flamelet.io/

Flamelet at the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1387331406