JWildfire video tutorials

1. JWildfire video tutorial 01: editor basics

2. JWildfire video tutorial 02: flowerz and layerz in 2D

3. JWildfire video tutorial 03: gnarlz and gradientz

4. JWildfire video tutorial 04: motion curvez and motion blurz

25 comments on “JWildfire video tutorials

  1. Love this program!! Love the tutorial’s! Thank’s for all your hard work!!

  2. Maria K. Lemming on said:

    Hi, I’m a Danish practal fan and creator – but not very technical 🙂 I love what your great program can do, but my Photoshop Elements editor (11) says, it cannot recognize the flame. What may I be doing wrong? Could I render in other formats than png? Or….

    • thargor6 on said:

      Hi, PNG should work fine, also with PS Elements, here is an article about rendering: http://wiki.jwildfire.org/index.php?title=Manual_Flame_Fractals#Rendering


  3. Hi, I know I’m going to love your program, but I have difficulties following your tutorials. As Ron said earlier, maybe you should drop the music and explain what you’re doing in stead. I’ve given up for today, as it is really tiresome to have to switch between the tutorial and the program every three seconds and still not getting it right.

    • thargor6 on said:

      Those videos are intended this way, i. e. only should you show to play around in some parts of the program, but are not meant to actually explain things. The stuff you expect will come later, in form of written text and screenshots. Neither way, you can learn it very fast, it takes a long time to really understand those things. Don’t give up 🙂


      • Thank you, Andreas. I’m trying to just play around with the program, but not knowing what any of the functions do, it’s not easy.
        But I’ll keep trying while waiting for the written text and the screen shots. 🙂

    • I simply turn off the sound and watch what’s going on. No problem.

      • thargor6 on said:

        Using music in videos in Germany is a pain in the ass (because the videos get banned faster than you can upload them), so I have to create my own crap music.

        • hahahaha – sorry thargor6 – ” Using music in videos in Germany is a pain in the ass (because the videos get banned faster than you can upload them), so I have to create my own crap music.” – is funny and you are always welcome to use mine if you like any of it.


  4. Martin on said:

    You are acting like an ignorant so and so!
    Go join the forum and ASK nicely for technical support there.

    If you said shit like that in the FB “JWildFire Open Group”, which is where everyone hooked on JWildFire go… apart from the Forum… to get excellent help, suggestions and to share their art and parameters etc., you would be hung from the nearest lampost by our 1000+ members!!!

    BTW, “Save render state” is something you can only do WHILE a render is going on!!!
    After you’ve stopped, the Render has no state… It’s dead!
    After saving your render state, If you then want to resume that render… at any time…
    Just click on “Resume render” and pick it up from there…

    Hope that helped a bit…
    See how easy that was… Next time just ask a bit nicer… Pretty Please? =D

    – From the FB Group
    “If you have nothing nice to say… better say nothing at all…”

  5. The J Wildfire program is great while the tutorials are just ok. Drop the awful music and explain what you are doing, it will make a big difference. In the interactive renderer the Save Render State should be available after the stop button is clicked but its not, only the save image can be used.

  6. Neat program with a major problem. Using the Interactive render the program completely takes over my computer running all six cores at 100%. The mouse barely moves and I can’t stop the render. I tried using Enter as the Help file states but that does nothing. Neither does Esc, S, Ctrl + S. I can slowly move the mouse over to the stop button but that won’t stop it either. This makes it unusable. Running Windows 7 x64 with AMD 6300 CPU. I installed the latest JAVA 64 bit version 7 build 65. I also think we should be able to save the file as a Jpeg.

    • thargor6 on said:

      You can lower process priority, and specify the number of cores, which should be not be used, in the Preferences. For further comments please use the forum

  7. Deb Booth on said:

    Hi, Andreas – I love your program – thank you SO much for creating and maintaining it. You mention setting transparency choices in preferences. Where is the preferences file?

  8. shairl on said:

    Norton just deleted my jwildfire…Beautiful stuff! I had to down load from deviant art a fix that allowed my 32 os to open it. Now I have nothing…Is the another jwildfire that will work with norton and my system? My computer did act infected.

    • thargor6 on said:

      It seems that your system/norton is infected. There is only one JWildfire-version and is not malware in any way. Never download any stuff except on official sites. A “fix” on deviant art? Sounds very suspicious! What should it fix?

  9. Hello. I am trying to use J Wildfire which looks like a great program. But I need a beginners tutorial if possible please. It is saving that I can’t do correctly. I render then try to save as .png. But this will not open on my PC. I have tried using Apophysis Gimp and Inkscape all o no avail. I was advised these are SVG files but whatever I can’t open them!! Any suggestions would be welcome.
    Thanks for your time.

    Rosie x

    • hi , from what I can recall the jwildfire would export two types of png, one with the transparent background and one with a say black background. The png’s are somewhat specialist but useful for video since no blue screening is required. They’ll open in a photoshop or corel program. Kd.

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