T.I.N.A. downloads

T.I.N.A. is integrated into JWildfire where it can be reached from the window menu (item “Fractal flames”). So please just pick the latest release of JWildfire.

JWildfire downloads

6 comments on “T.I.N.A. downloads

  1. billuhlir on said:

    supere ditor

  2. Pavel Uhlir on said:


  3. Paul Flockhart on said:

    heard about this through shadowness from DsyneGrafix I – have always loved fractals but have a mac so never had a chance to get into them. This might be my opportunity. I was amused to see its originally an Amiga prog! now those were the days, my old 2000 is still in the loft somewhere in a box! Cheers

    • thargor6 on said:

      Hehe… yes, the good old Amiga days… 🙂
      Just visited your gallery at dA and was simply amazed! I wish you a happy new year! And have fun 🙂

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