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JWildfire V0.15 Screenshot

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  1. Croydon on said:

    [Please, if possible, answer at croydon.sutton@gmail.com, thank you and delete this message]

    I want to know if is possible to compile the “render” part of JWildfire as a standalone/commandline program?

    If yes, can you tell me in the sources where is the class(es) of the render part?

    I want to test an idea that I had today to “speedup” the rendering of .flame files.

    Interisting, in my computer, the Java renderer performed better than the Native/C++ one. Maybe only God may know why, eheheh.

    I think that the Java Machine is heavly using the GPU while the Native/C++ not, but the “check C(UDA)”, checked OK.

    Thank you.

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