JWildfire 8.00 released

JWildfire 8.00 is now available at Steam and the offical JWildfire site (the App Store version will come later).

The rendering of solid flame fractals has been fundamentally revised. It is now faster and delivers a much better level of detail and more visually appealing images. In short: it’s fun now 🙂

List of changes:
- huge improvements in solid rendering, hence the big change in version number:
    -now it feels like it should have from the start
    -needs less render time (about 66%)
    -quicker response in the preview-render
    -more accurate calculation of normal vectors
    -more accurate lighting calculation
    -needs less spatial oversampling in order to get clear details in many cases
    -there are three other sizes of shadow maps available
    -fixed an old bug which caused the shadow direction differing from the light direction
    -much faster tone-mapping (the final phase of rendering)
    -use reduced shadow-map size when rendering (smaller) previews to save memory
    -new "pre_affine3D"- and "post_affine3D"-variations for more precise control over affine transforms in 3D space
    -all solid-random-flame-generators now support many more base-shapes
 - new "Solid (recursive)"-random-flame-generator to generate simple but nice solid flames (thanks Brad for the name suggestion)
 - fixed a bug which prevented entering of values into number-fields manually in some cases
 - increased the default value of tinaRealtimePreviewIdleAmount (which causes less idling and smoother realtime-preview))
 - changed the locale of number-fields to US, so that the decimal separator is always a dot (".")
 - added "hourglass3D"-variation as suggested at the Facebook-group
 - added "Yummy Gnarls BS"-script, made by Brad Stefanov