T.I.N.A. and Apophysis

T.I.N.A. was never intended to be a rival product to Apophysis but is grown in a such rapid way and has such many features that in fact it now could be considered a rival product.
So I sometimes receive questions like “It looks like Apo so why should I use it?” or “You seem not to know Apo, doesn’t you?”

Yes, I know Apophysis and in fact I considered to create a branch of it before I started to create my own fractal flame editor.  But I had certain goals which did not fit to the codebase of Apophysis. This does not mean anything against anything in Apophysis! In fact I like it very much and are enjoying to just play around with it. My favourite version is still 2.09. It’s very fast and has those nice thumbnails.

So I had just some innovations in mind which could not be done easily with Apo and now it is grown much faster than I ever thought.

I see currently the following key innovations/differences:

  • JWildfire has a realtime preview in the editor  – but the Apo preview is more precise
  • JWildfire allows to use flames as variations in any depth
  • JWildfire features HDR output (32bits per channel)
  • JWildfire has a Pseudo3D shader which gives more realistic results for 3D renders
  • Apo has a huge collection of plugins but they can not used all together – JWildfire has less but still many of built-in plugins which can be used together
  • JWildfire features an integrated compiler to create own plugins on the fly
  • JWildfire is plattform-independent and stable like a rock – but Apo is faster (by a factor of 2, depends on the formulas)
  • JWildfire needs no proprietary development tools

5 comments on “T.I.N.A. and Apophysis

  1. sharon davis on said:

    Here’s my question…..Could you dumb it down for me because I have absolutely NO idea what the heck is going on here? I WANT to do this…I SEE other people doing this….Why don’t I KNOW how to do it?! Please could you give me a straight line of instructions …you know, old school like. A fits in B and then C goes here and D….you get my drift??! This is a brand new artistic field for me but when I learn something I become obsessed and then I go past that and become the crazy lady not stopping until she learns it but…I gotta know how to get going!! See my problem here??! HELP! Thanks Sharon

    • thargor6 on said:

      Unfortunately, I will not have the time to teach this anybody, I can only help to answer specific questions. But there is a growing community which can help you.

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JWildfireOpenGroup/
      Official forum: http://jwildfire.org/forum/

      Best regards,

    • Batfan1939 on said:

      The key is the right-side of the main screen in jWildfire. Click the Click “New from Scratch” to make a new, blank fractal appear, and click the”Add Tansform” button to get started. By playing around with different ones, you can get very different results.

  2. cienciayarte on said:

    Man, I just can’t find out words to describe how amazed I’m at the moment after 30 minutes playing with this wonderful program you have created. I’ve used almost every fractal program and flame renderer out there from 6 years now or so; yours is clearly superior in every aspect, from usability to output aesthetics and quality, functions, options, controls, even thumbnails; everything is there… The whole thing seems to be so well crafted in every aspect and cooked all together in a way that is really hard to believe… Kudos!

  3. How can you create such a program! It just boggles my mind how people are able to do this? I have the Apophysis fractal program myself and enjoy playing around with it but I saw a render created with the Wildfire program and that is how I was lead here

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