JWildfireMini for Android

This app brings the magic of flame fractals to your phone!
It comes with both the fractal evolution module “MutaG” and the interactive renderer “IR”, as known from the full JWildfire application, to your Android-capable device!

JWildfire is a very comprehensive software suite to both construct and render flame fractals (end even create movies of them).
In short, flame fractals are an extension to classical IFS (iterated function systems) and were invented by Scott Draves. They are capable to create an endless range of fascinating organic shapes. You may already know classical fern- or flower-like shapes, but there are virtually no limits. You can create trees, gems, demons, oceans, faces, pottery, … you will often be surprised by your own creations!
With this app you will be able to create unique flame fractals by playing with the MutaG module. You can start with modifying one of 60 the stunning flame fractals which are included, and then later continue to modify your own creations. Share your renderings with your friends and amaze your girlfriend with an unique valentine fractal!

With the paid app you can export the “formulas” of your creations to be able to
render wallpapers, post-edit them using the full-fledged editor or even render artworks suited for print in extreme high quality. All you will need, is a decent personal computer and the full JWildfire application which is completely free and runs on any major platforms.
Please note, that there are no hidden costs at all. The whole full application is completely free and you can use it without this app, of course.
The only cost ist just to unlock to feature of exporting your flames from this app, the PNG export is also included in the free app.


  • full-fledged JWildfire-compatible flame renderer, even if not all features may be exposed, this renderer is even able to render flames with Pseudo3D-shading enabled, but this may take some time 😉
  • Flame library with 60 stunning example flames ready to be play with (some of them are even unfinished material yet). You can extend the flame library with your own work.
  • MutaGen3x3 module to create endless mutations of flame fractals using the powerful mutation generators known from the JWildfire software
  • MutaGen5x5 module to create even more complex mutations
  • Interactive renderer with the ability to export rendered images as PNG
  • Flame gallery with some stunning work made by myself to show what is possible with flame fractals
  • Ability to export flames (only in the purchased app) via email to be able to render your flames in any quality you desire later (using the full and free JWildfire application for personal computers).
  • Upgrading: Be careful: If you upgrade any version, you may loose your personal flames. So please export (eventually as image) all your stuff which matters, before doing any update.


You can also find JWildfireMini at the Google Play Store

26 comments on “JWildfireMini for Android

  1. Junopsis on said:

    What file format does it save in? Will I be able to take flames between this and Apophysis?

  2. Any reason why you deleted my previous comment? I thought I had sensible questions and since there was no forum page for the mini app I posted them here…

  3. After I restarted my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 lite the mutated files come out completely different than before the restart. Like missing colors and out of focus. I had 3 mutations of one file that came out out of focus and missing colors.
    And why does the rendering stop when I use websites with Javascript on Firefox for Android? And can you make it so that it asks for a confirmation to close when I accidentally touch the back-key on my tablet? I lost a few multi-hour renders because of that. I can email the 3 temporary renders of the before and after of the distorted renders.

    • It still sucks when a flame changed when you load the program again. And it won’t restore. And the flames even change after you load other flames. Usually fuzzier. I had one that suddenly got spirals from a previous flame into a similar mutation. When it wasn’t there before…
      And the random resetting after I used another window (that didn’t even use java).

      • thargor6 on said:

        I still do not understand what do you refer with “before” and “after”. Mutations are always completely random. You mean, you store a flame in the library and it looks different when loaded from the library?
        Please note, that for questions like this the forum is the better place

  4. I love your app.

    That said, I’m having an issue. I made some flames and it said I needed to buy the full version to export them. I did that, but it downloaded a completely new app, it didn’t upgrade it. So I can’t access the flames I created from my free version.

    Is there any way to access the flames I created on my free version, so that I can export them??


    • thargor6 on said:

      sorry, it is not possible to export flames from the free app, also not after upgrading (because of technical reasons). If you have created a flame which is very important to you, I maybe could create a special version of the app to be to export it.

      Best regards,

      • I created one through the mutation that I really like. But it is not a huge deal, I suppose. I was just wondering if I overlooked something that would let me export it after I purchased the full version.

        Thank you for the offer. I’m not sure what you mean by special version, but if it’s not too much trouble, a workaround in the future for people in my situation would be good.


        • thargor6 on said:

          Thank you! To be honest, at the time I created the app, I planned much more new (free) updates to the app. But it turned out, that the main JWildfire application (for personal computers) occupied all of my spare time. Release 2.00 is really awesome and nearly done (and completely free). Hopefully, I will have more time to invest into the app, after the release. I’m also not lucky how the demo/full-version of the app turned out, but I personaly deeply hate adds (because they are always stupid, boring and wasting my time). But maybe I will turn the free app into the full app with some decent adds. This does not solve your problem now ;-), but hopefully helps to explain that the current way was not made to frustrate you 😉

          Best regards,

          • No worries, that’s understandable. I’ve been playing around with the main app (beta 3), and it’s really awesome. Thank you so much for making it free. Maybe you should do a “pay what you like” setup.


  5. Jane Spaulding on said:

    I am so sorry to be such a pain here. It worked once. will not work again.

  6. Jane Spaulding on said:

    YAAAAA!!! It worked!!!!!!!!!! I could save the image today after uninstalling a couple of things.

  7. Jane Spaulding on said:

    I tried the free version and bought the paid version. I am on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and love the flames I have created. The only problem is I do not seem to be able to save or share them. When I render something and press the share, y screen goes black and everything is gone. Am I doing something wrong?

    • thargor6 on said:

      Hmmm, this is weird, I would guess, that could be a memory problem (the app is currently very hungry). I will try to make it more robust in the future. So, I think you cant currently do not do much, except trying to free memory using the task manager. I will try to create an update soon.


      • Jane Spaulding on said:

        I do have a good deal of ram in this as it is the 32 gig version of Note 10.1 2012. I did clear the ram just before I did the render as I know this can cause things to run slowly. The render got to 100 in about 20 minutes for a fairly simple flame. I know from looking at the app page on the Play site that I am not the only one with this issue. For now I am going to try installing the PC version in my windows 8.1 machine. I have used other PC based fractal generators over the years including Apop so I am hoping that this will be easy to figure out. Not as young as I used to be and have lost far to much gray matter over the years. (grin)

      • Jane Spaulding on said:

        One other question. where does this install to? I can not find it in any directory. I would like to physically move the flames I created with the free version to the paid version since I can not export them. Both versions are on my tablet and active. Neither will allow me to save my file.

  8. Geoffrey Barnes on said:

    Finding an issue with the interactive render. As soon as I select flame- it comes up with an error that ‘JWildfire Mini has stopped’. I am running on Android 4.1.1.

  9. Mikael Axén on said:

    Having problems to export files from the program to mail. using 2 diffrent mailing systems and it doesnt seem to work at all.

    Phone: Samsung galexy 2.

    So to be honest its really wierd.
    this problem did show up yesterday when i tried to export from regulare hotmail to gmail, and did try the order backwards aswell with no luck at all.
    using full version program on my phone.

  10. Mike Campbell on said:

    I can confirm that the version for Android tablets does work on the Kindle Fire HD. Please make this available through Amazon for the zillions of Kindle users who might otherwise never know about your software. (Amazon does not encourage using apps from sources other than Amazon.) Of course render time is ridiculous, I think I’ll go with a pc version for serious exploration. Thanks for the fascinating software.

  11. Mike Campbell on said:

    Will it run on Kindle Fire HD?

    • thargor6 on said:

      Cant tell, I have only tested it on Samsung Galaxy SII, I would suggest to grab the free version (you can also find it on the playstore) and try it 🙂

  12. amazed on said:

    Amazing program, just have to let you know though, it crashes a lot on google nexus 7 – says something about javalang out of memory or some crap. every other device ive tested it on it works perfectly but my fastest device is the 7 so im hoping you can find out how to fix that problem- again amazing program and thankyou for making it for android.

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