Other projects

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Some videoshow created with an early version of JWildfire.

Some previous Amiga projects:

Wildfire\7 PPC

award winning special effect program written in ANSI-C and C++


Dataworld was released at The Party 1995 in Fredericia/Denmark.

It finished second in the Wild Competition – a competition where no Hardware restrictions were given. With only 70 MB of (hard/cd) diskspace you got a 10 MINUTE-FULL-SCREEN-VIDEO-SHOW that just needed a standard A1200 with 4 MB of Fast Ram to run. Dataworld consisted of over 30 YAFA animations, all linked smoothly together using the Wildfire animation processor. With the YAFA player all the animations are played without interruption, even on a standard 4x CD rom.

The Youtube Video was simultaneously played back and recorded with WinUAE.


This was our contribution to the WiLD COMPETITION at The Party 96. I think it was not as successful as DATAWORLD because we used nearly the same techniques (and hardware) as we used one year before – and time just had passed. But it was much fun to make (and share) this video and i still do like some scenes very much :-).

an object-sequence-processor to create advanced 3D special effects (supporting the 3d rendering packages Imagine, Lightwave, MaxonCinema4D) written in OBERON

a powerful 2D plot program written in OBERON 

create (and perform) sound-synchronized animations from pre generated content, written in OBERON