Animated fractal flames

The fractal flames on the following pages where animated using the simple built-in animation system in just a few minutes.

7 comments on “Animated fractal flames

  1. Lawrence Diggs on said:

    How do Ioop animations in JWF so that the animation runs seamlessly without any little jumps? I want to join them in a video editing program to make a longer scene.

  2. the flames and fractals give sense to workable machanics

  3. it will work

  4. Lawrence J. Diggs on said:

    What happened to the FaceBook page?

  5. Tom Allen on said:


    Would it be possible to setup a file so we can define our folders for animations and such permanently.

    tom allen

    • thargor6 on said:

      I can always add new options in the Prefs window easily. Just tell me what you need.
      The prefs itself are store permanently in a file “” in your home folder and can also be edited manually.

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