Flamelet is a very playful app for creating and modifying flame-fractals.

Even, if it has some (or maybe in the meanwhile: many) similarities to JWildfire, it was written, designed and optimized from ground up for mobile devices on the iOS platform.


It is written in Objective-C and features a very versatile implementation of the flame-fractal-algorithm, originally invented by Scott Draves. It features about 80 transforms, which are separated into point- and color-transforms and which can be combined in literally endless ways.

Images are edited and rendered directly at the device, after installing the app, there are no further costs. You may work completely offline. Numerous examples (50 flames, 12 images which may be used as “texture”) and tutorials (currently: 9) are supplied, as well as an interactive help and reference-manual.


Official site: http://flamelet.io/

Flamelet at the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1387331406