JWildfire 8.20 released

JWildfire 8.20 is now available at Steam and the offical JWildfire site (the App Store version will come later).

Most important change: GPU rendering now also works on NVIDIA 4xxx devices 🙂

Complete list of changes:

-upgraded the GPU render to CUDA 11.8, works also on NVIDIA 4xxx GPU’s now
-new “Underwater”-random-flame-generator, most generated flames also work well with the GPU render
-new “RANDOM_BG_COLOR”-mutation, makes it easy to play with different backgrounds for “Underwater”-flames
-fixed a bug in the GPU-implementation of “loonie2”
-added a non-ugly flame for selftest of the gpu render (selftest.bat in the FARenderJWF-folder)
-adjusted the variation-type of many variations, leading to better random-flames in some cases
-slightly improved the quality of various random-flame-generators
-when using GPU render, automatically convert background-gradients to an average background color (because GPU render currently only supports a single background color)