JWildfire V0.29 release and Merry X-Mas! :-)

Just released JWildfire V0.29.

The major improvement is the new application launcher based on appstart.  See JWildfire installation hints for details.

History of changes:

  • Fractal flame editor: some minor performance improvement
  • Fractal flame editor: some more tooltips in the UI, two new icons
  • Fractal flame editor: triangle scaling more similar to Apo (e. g. specify 105% instead 0.5)
  • Main: using appstart from http://code.google.com/p/appstart/ as launcher for JWildfire
  • Fractal flame editor: new vertical and horizontal flip function for transforming triangles
  • Fractal flame editor: parameter order in flam3 files is more similar to Apo than before
  • FIXED: Fractal flame editor: rings2 variation was broken

Enjoy and I wish you a merry X-Mas 🙂