JWildfire 3.01 release: major bugfix in MeshGen

Just released JWildfire V3.01.

List of changes:

  • Fixed a serious bug in the Mesh-Generator: when rendering image-stacks
    each image inside a slice was the same. This was causing meshes to be very
    “chunky”, depending on slice-size.
    The only workaround was to set slice-size to 1, i. e. rendering one image
    per slice, which causes a major slowdown.
  • minor improvement in rendering speed
  • new “isosfplot3d_wf”-variation for plotting iso-surfaces (may be very slow on old machines)
  • new “dc_color”-parameter for the “colormap_wf” and “post_colormap_wf”-variations
    to turn coloring off (in case you want only use the image as heightmap)
  • new “blend_colormap” -parameter for the “colormap_wf” and “post_colormap_wf”-variations
    to improve quality

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂