MB3D1.99.28 release with update to BulbTracer2

Just released MB3D 1.99.28 as update to MB3D and BTracer2.

This version comes with another update to the new mesh generator (BTracer2):

  • mesh-reduction now supports both vertex-colors and uv-coordinates and is enabled by default (in BTracer2x64)
  • some bug-fixes

See the file CHANGES.txt for a list of changes.

When using BTracer2: please do read the official documentation, it will probably answer most of your questions.

Update-suggestion: just manually copy/overwrite the following files to your existing installation:

  • BTracer2.pdf
  • BTracer2x64.exe
  • BulbTracer2r28.jpg
  • CHANGES.txt
  • Mandelbulb3D.exe
  • README_1.99sr28.txt

When you have further questions, feel free to contact me at thargor6@googlemail.com.


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