JWildfire 3.30 release: Merry Christmas!

Just released JWildfire V3.30 – with MUCH help of our contributors Gregg Helt, Rick Sidwell, Jesus Sosa and Brad Stefanov. Thank you, guys!

Again, there are  a lot of new variations – we have now more than 500! So, you will probably also like another new feature, allowing you to (de)activate rarely used variations (on the fly).

Complete list of changes (you can also see this list inside the program at the any time, see Help->List of changes ):

  • new variations provided by Gregg Helt, Rick Sidwell, Jesus Sosa and Brad Stefanov:
    • dc_triTile, crop3D, spherecrop, loq
    • jubiQ, complex, quaternion
    • lsystem_js, lsystem3D_js, lorenz_js
    • brownian_js, dragon_js, gosperisland_js, hamid_js
    • hilbert_js, htree_js, koch_js, rsquares_js, tree_js
    • sattractor_js, wallpaper_js, hadamard_js, crown_js
    • apocarpet_js, invtree_js, siercarpet_js, woggle_js
    • lace_js, harmonograph_js, clifford_js, svensson_js
    • pre_stabilize to help stabilize glitch flames
    • pre_spherical, post_spherical
    • klein_group, inversion
  • new window to (de)active rarely used variations. When you are loading a flame (from disc or from the random generator),
    and a deactivated variation is detected, this variation will be enabled for this flame. So, you have not to worry about
    old flames or flames made by others (using another set of variations).
    Deactivated variations are indicated by a label having a font in strikethrough style.
    You may activate/deactivate variations at any time, in some cases you will have to reload the flame when you do this while
  • new “Raster”-random-flame-generator
  • new “Outlines”-random-flame-generator
  • new “Bold”-random-gradient-generator
  • changed the distribution of random gradient generators inside the “All”-random-gradient-generator (affects random flames)
  • increased flame-thumbnail-size from 90×68 to 120×68 (16:9)
  • Experimental “Mirror Translation” toggle-button to the Affine tab. The toggle applies to all three planes XY, YZ, and ZX.
    When toggled on, if viewing pre-affine, changing translation (01 or 02 coefficients) is mirrored by reversing the translation
    (setting post-affine to -01 and -02). And vice-versa if viewing post-affine. This mirroring is very handy for some of the new
    variations I’ve added such as Inversion and KleinGroup and for existing variations such as Spherical, which use mathematical
    operations that typically in other contexts are composed with a translation T and its inverse T’ to move their center from the
    origin: G_shifted = T(G(T’)). A boolean is added to the transform in the flame so that the mirror toggle state is saved to
    and restored from flame files.

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂 Merry Christmas!