The BIG update: JWildfire V1.50 release

Just released JWildfire V1.50. This time it is a really BIG update, and even more BIG hugs go to my family, which gives me the power to make it possible. 🙂

There are so many changes in this release, it is hard to name them all. So I just want to introduce my favourite ones:

  • motion blur for animations
  • new concept of random-movie-generators
  • my favourite “hexes” and “crackle”-variations come now with DC-support
  • new camera controls to create really new kind of perspectives/fractals
  • 5 short tutorials from Naomi Richmond which you can find at the official tutorial section

Complete list of changes:

  • there were really lots of changes in the Easy Movie Maker:
    • new concept of random-movie-generators (which create both random flames and random motion)
    • new random-movie-generators:
      • “Rotating Mandelbrots”
      • “Transforming Duckies”
      • “Transforming Bubbles”
    • motion blur, which is enabled by default and can even be used to render interesting/”dynamic” still images
    • new concept of “morph-types”, the old behaviour is now called MORPH, and there is now a new morph type called FADE which uses layerz to fade one flame into another
    • added the possibility to replace a movie-part with the current flame in the editor
    • some new simple scripts
    • render button for instantly creating a preview-render in high quality
    • support for upto 12 of global- and xform-scripts
    • movie ribbon with movie-preview, allows to switch between different movies at any time (same concept as for flames in the amin editor)
    • realtime-preview of animation-scripts in the Easy Movie Maker (you may even change scripts while showing the preview)
    • dramatically increased the speed of evaluating motion curves
    • motions in the Easy Movie Maker now respect the FPS setting (rather than calculating the speed by the total number of frames)
    • removed *_NEG animation-scripts, refactoring of the Easy Movie Maker
  • additional camera-controls (x-, y- and z-position), this makes it possible to create really “different” images!
  • new “dc_hexes_wf” variation, which is derived from the well-known “hexes”-variation, but uses Voronoi-distance to apply additional color-information
  • new “dc_crackle_wf variation, which is derived from the well-known “crackle”-variation, but uses Voronoi-distance to apply additional color-information
  • new SIDE_BY_SIDE_FULL-preview-mode for stereo3d images (uses larger preview area)
  • new option to easily swap sides in stereo3d-rendering
  • 5 new “What does this button do?”-tutorials from Naomi Richmond
  • 5 new images from Craig Bak for the launcher
  • improved the layout of the ancient motion-curve-editing-dialog
  • completely removed SWF-related capabilities from JWildfire, completely removed all rendering-capabilities from the Easy Movie Maker
  • support for saving flames with multiple motion-curves for the same flame-property
  • realtime-quality is now a floating-point-value. So you have more level of control on very old/slow machines
  • caption of layerz is now stored/restored correctly
  • bugfix in the checks variation, can actually produce nice patterns now
  • fixed a problem regarding the re-saving of movies from older version
  • stepped back to Java 6 because of problems with Java 7 on the Mac platform

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂

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