Random flames tuned: JWildfire V1.02 release

Just released JWildfire V1.02.

This version comes with many minor improvements regarding the creation of random flames.
There is a new random-flame-generator, a new mode to generate random-gradients and a new quality setting for randomly generated flames. The default quality for random flames has increased and there is a new option to create random flames in higher quality.

Complete list of changes:

  • new “Duckies” random flame generator
  • “post_rblur” variation by Xyrus02
  • new “shredlin” variation by Zy0rg
  • option to disable the fading of color-keyframes while generating random gradients
  • increased the default quality level of the random flame generator (may be slightly slower but creates better results)
  • added a new button for creating a random batch in high quality (may be very slow in some cases, but can produce real interesting flames)
  • improved the distribution of chosen sub-random-flame generators
  • increased the color spread when generating random flames
  • additionally improved the color spread of the “Mandelbrot” random flame generator
  • improved the “Bubbles”-random-flame-generator
  • improved the “Bubbles3D”-random-flame-generator
  • sort script- and gradient files alphabetically (especially under Linux)
  • fixed a bug in the “displacemap_wf” variations regarding the “mode” parameter

Just click the “Random flames” button (or the new small button right of it) to start playing around and have fun 🙂