Unmatched animation fun: JWildfire V0.66 release

Just released JWildfire V0.66.

This time I’m proud to present two major new features:

  • There is a new shading mode called “distance-coloring”. It offers 9 parameters which may all combined together to have endless hours of fun and to produce refreshingly new looking results! 🙂
  • I now implemented my concept of “envelopes” (which I originally developed some decade ago for the Amiga version Wildfire7\PPC ) in the dancing flame module. It allows you to just draw  a “motion curve” for any property of a flame (amplitude over time.)

Complete list of changes:

  • new “spline”-type of motion in the dancing flames module
  • spline editor allowing three types of interpolation:
    • spline, bezier and linear
  • grouping of motions by specifying a parent in the dancing flames module
  • new “distance-color”-shading for really refreshingly new looking renders!
  • new button for simplified creation of “linked transforms”
  • some new variations invented by gossamer light:
    • pre_disc3d
    • pre_sinusoidal3d
    • svf
    • sinusoidal3d
    • taurus
  • new parameter avgSize for enabling a smoothing effect to FFTMotions in the dancing flames module
  • added a “Included Variations” link to the intro window, which points to a list of all variations and their parameters, this list was created and provided by Don Town, thanks!
  • gradient and shading options can now also accessed in the dancing flames module
  • improved the performance of the Mersenne Twister random number generator
  • FIXED: a bug regarding resuming the render state (loading failed)

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂