A new generation: JWildfire V0.64 release

Just released JWildfire V0.64.

The software is getting more and more mature, and this time there were many ground-breaking changes under the hood. But no change made it necessary to change the software-design substantially, so it seems to be a well suited and stable platform for many further enhancements in the future 🙂

There were made many changes regarding the improvement of the render quality. So for overall, I call this the 2ND GENERATION of JWildfire.

Complete list of changes:

  • 37 phantastic new images for the launcher from the community
  • a whole family of random number generators is now available:
    • SIMPLE, MARSAGLIA, MERSENNE_TWISTER, JAVA_INTERNAL,  default is MERSENNE_TWISTER, you can change this in the Preferences)
  • removed the old DE filter code and replaced it by a flam3-compatible implementation
  • 14 different filter kernels for both DE and spatial filtering, also known from flam3:
  • recover “lost” (=infinite) points, this should avoid the effect of “rendering turns into black” on certain flames
  • its now possible to choose from different implementations of basic mathematical functions. Two implementations are currently provided:
    • FAST_MATH and
    • JAVA_MATH. You can select them from the preferences window. Normally FAST_MATH should work perfect, if you are loosing details at high zoom factors just use JAVA_MATH
  • new Preferences option for default DE filter radius
  • antialiasing is now enabled by default, you can find new options for the default values in the Preferences
  • since this version the pitch angle is (again) not altered while rotating the view with the mouse (this makes it easier to just modify the roll angle)
  • additional color indicator on the “color” tab which color corresponds to your selected color index
  • new “hypertile3D”, “hypertile3D1”, “hypertile3D2” and “poincare3D” variations by Zueuk
  • improved the “JulianDisc” random flame generator
  • several additions to the dancing flames module (still work in progress)
  • the brightness slider has now its maximum at 25.0 (before this was 20.0)

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂

PLZ NOTE: If your scripts do not work anymore and say that “MathLib” can not be found, you have just to replace “org.jwildfire.base.MathLib” by “org.jwildfire.base.mathlib.MathLib” in your scripts. Sorry for that, but I had to create a sub-package for all of the math-stuff to make it better suited for future enhancements (and this will not change again).