Dancing flame fractals: JWildfire V0.57 release

Just released JWildfire V0.57.

Major new feature is the “Dancing flame fractals” module. It allows you to create sound-synchronized flame animations, either in realtime or in any desired rendered quality! 🙂 A short tutorial regarding this new module will come soon. Here are some quick hints to help you start playing  it:

  • Load any mp3 file using the “Load sound” button (without sound there will be no show)
  • Import or generate some fractals (just press the “Generate random flames” to start quickly)
  • Start the show by just pressing the “Start show” button (if it appears too slow decrease the image size using the “Border size” slider (increase border size->faster render))


Complete list of changes:

  • first working version of the “Dancing Flame Fractals” editor
  • new “Splits” random flame generator
  • flame preview in the batch renderer
  • switched the background transparency display in the movie editor off
  • turned off background transparency display in flame file previews
  • FIXED: the elliptic variation was broken
  • FIXED: Formula mode was broken in the Benoit creator

Just click the “Random flames” or “Dance” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂