Multiple final transforms: JWildfire V0.56 release

Just released JWildfire V0.56.

Major new feature is the possibility to have any number of final transforms.  In the most cases, this will not lead to really brand-new-looking-fractals, but it simplifies the construction of more complicated scenes a lot, which helps to concentrate on the artistic aspect. On the other side, it also allows to create some really new stuff 🙂

Complete list of changes:

  • support for multiple final transforms
  • new variations:
    • post_curl and post_curl3d
    • pre_bwraps2 and post_bwraps2 by Xyrus02
    • cross2
    • julian2 by Xyrus02
  • three new images for the launcher
  • FIXED: hdr-rendering was broken in the external renderer
  • FIXED: several variation problems regarding the external renderer
  • added the missing cubic3d variation to the external renderer
  • removed the cancel render dialog in the interactive renderer (pressing stop just stops)
  • first alpha version of the “dancing flames” module (invisible in the release, there is just too much to work to do)
  • framework for creating a FFT of a mp3 file for further sound processing
  • integrated the jTransforms library of Piotr Wendykier for further sound processing

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂