Streamlined: JWildfire V0.55 release

Just released JWildfire V0.55.

Major new feature is the possibility to render with transparent backgrounds – a feature which was recently demanded by certain artists. I initially had some other things in mind for V0.55, but this is the way how JWildfire-development works, it is community-driven, and it really makes fun!  Some other cool features are targeting the workflow: quicksave function, create snapshots, updates of the thumbnail ribbon are done much more quickly now, and the thumbnail ribbon reflects now changes made to any fractal.

Complete list of changes:

  • support for rendering with transparent backgrounds
  • Quicksave function (Stores the current flame in the default flame output folder with a generated filename “qsave_YYYY.MM.DD_NNN.flame”)
  • snapshot function to store the current state of a flame to the thumbnail ribbon
  • per-flame-option for background transparency (which is also stored and remembered with the flame)
  • preferences option for default background transparency (as not all people want to use the transparency feature) – but please BEWARE: it is per default set to ON
  • update the thumbnails according to the state of the flame itself
  • create also a thumbnail if a new flame from scratch is created
  • minor optimizations for screens with lower resolutions in the main editor
  • support for the external renderer in the movie maker
  • support for the external renderer in the batch renderer
  • added a “Third-party” components section in the help section
  • integrated JLayer mp3 library for further enhancements regarding the processing of sound
  • changed to layout of the Batch renderer so that it automatically is resized according to the window size
  • improved the performance of updating the thumbnail ribbon
  • if a variation is missing in the external renderer a proper error message is displayed

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂