JWildfire V0.39 release: back in black

Just released JWildfire V0.39.

Major changes to the main program:

  • 11 additional user interface themes utilizing the JTattoo LookAndFeel library
  • you may choose the preferred user interface theme from within the Prefs window at any time, but the theme is effectively changed only after restarting the application
  • the Noire-theme from JTattoo is the new default UI theme


Changes to the fractal flame editor T.I.N.A.:

  • lots of internal changes regarding the optional use of direct color values (in contrary to indexed color values)
  • new “post_colormap_wf” variation enabling you to use external images (e. g. other fractals) as texture for your fractal. There is something similar called “dc_image” for Apo but as far as I know the Apo plugin is very limited regarding the use of colors. Additionally, in JWildfire the map can also be used as bump map and HDR images are supported as well.
  • new “post_bumpmap_wf” variation (works similar to “post_colormap_wf” but performs only bump mapping and does not change color values)
  • “eclipse” variation by Michael Faber

As usual click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂