JWildfire for macOS is now on the AppStore!

I worked the last four weeks on a dedicated macOS build which can be distributed
through the App Store.
Hopefully, this will make it much easier to install updates for Mac users and
oush the macOS-version to a higher level.

This step really needed a lot of tweaking, because all the packaging and code-signing
steps must be performed manually (this is because JWildfire is not made using Xcode,
which simplifies such stuff a lot.)
Also, it was necessary to replace almost any file-dialog with a native one.
Only this seems (currently) to make it possible to exit the macOS-sandbox
under macOS Catalina (otherwise you would get a “operation not permitted” or
similar error when trying to write a file.)
Those dialogs also look better, but lack some features of the JWildfire-dialogs.

So, I’m really glad, that it all works now! 🙂

To support the future of this build and to make it possible to extend tests on the
Mac platform, I decided to make the app not free. Instead, you have to pay about
10 bucks (once), all future updates will be free.
You can still use the completely free (*.jar-based) build (or build by yourself),
of course. But this will require more manual steps to install the software.

If you once open FileDialog to select a drawer (and not a file), all further
dialogs will not allow you to select a single file.
(After the a restart of the app the problem is fixed).
There is also a permanent workound (which will be included in the next update):

Edit the file /Applications/JWildfire.app/Contents/app/JWildfire.cfg, e.g. by
opening a terminal and entering:
cd /Applications/JWildfire.app/Contents/app
sudo vi JWildfire.cfg

Then add the line “-Dapple.awt.fileDialogForDirectories=false” after the line “-Xmx4096m”,
so that you have the section in the file:
Save the file, and after restarting JWildfire, the problem will be fixed.

Here is the link to the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/jwildfire/id1530646485

Have fun!

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