Important update to JWildfire 4.00

Just released an important update to JWildfire V4.00.

Complete changes (you can also see this list inside the program at the any time, see Help->List of changes ):

  • fixed a bug regarding calculating the offset in tone-mapping (causing the final image shifted under certain circumstances)
  • fixed a bug regarding mouse-sync while dragging triangles or control-points with mouse
  • minor improvement of the smoothness of the realtime-display
  • minor optimization to the renderer
  • minor fix regarding caching of render-buffer
  • new variations by Whittaker Courtney:
    • tile_reverse
    • sqrt_acoth
    • sqrt_acosh
    • sqrt_asech
    • sqrt_atanh
    • sqrt_asinh
    • sqrt_acosech

Have fun 🙂