MB3D 1.99 release: improved point-cloud export

Just released MB3D V1.99 with improved point-cloud export.

I thought it may be already time for a new release, as there are some really major improvemens
on point-cloud-export, and I’m not sure how many spare time I will find in the next weeks for further additions.

What’s new:
– Point-Cloud-export:
– major increase of sampling-quality
– minor speed-increase (is compensated by generating more samples)
– jitter-option to improve sampling of round shapes, usually gives good results at high volumetric resulutions > 1000
– option to generate normal vectors (is not the same as approximating the normals on the final mesh)
– display elapsed time
– Progressbar for the BulbTracer-preview
– renamed the “MeshGen”-button back to “BulbTracer” (which was always the intended name)
– updated the huge JIT-formula.pack (“EM_JIT_M3Formulas”) from Alef from fractalforums.com
– Added the missing formulas to the distribution: JosKn-KleinIFS, JosKn-ModIFS, K-TowerIFS