JWildfire 2.57 release: IR reloaded

Just released JWildfire V2.57.

This version comes with some important optimizations and fixes, especially to the Interactive Renderer (IR):

  • it should be much faster now
  • the final images created by the IR should be the same like the images created by the static renderer at the same quality (there were always differences until now, because those two renderers work differently)
  • saving an image while rendering should be much faster and never lead to freezes, because the rendering is paused automatically while saving

Complete list of changes:

  • Major speedup in the interactive renderer
  • Tonemapping in the interactive renderer should now be exactly the same as in the fixed renderer (i.e., the final images should be the same when the quality is the same)
  • while saving an image the rendering is paused in order to avoid to too heavy load or even freezes of the java-process
  • fixed the behaviour of the main progress-bar (was sometimes not updated)
  • Windows-Launcher:  fixed the problem with paths which contain spaces (i.e. you can now have the JWildfire-folder at any local folder, e.g. at “C:\Program Files” etc.)
  • added some Author-informations to the JWildfire.exe-file, otherwise some virus-scanner seems to be too nervous about the file 😉
  • slightly increased the default image-quality
  • improved the “Black&White”-random-flame-generator
  • Problem fixed regarding parameter handling in the variations “trade”, “w”, “x”, “y” and “z”
  • the native plugins for the Chaotica-bridge are available as external download-packages now

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂