JWildfire 2.50 release: Chaotica and Leap Motion support

Just released JWildfire V2.50. Big thanks to Gregg Helt and boleslaw for their contributions!

This version comes with three major new features:

Complete list of changes:

  • support for Chaotica as additional rendering-solution for the high-end-user, please see the official documentation at http://wiki.jwildfire.org/index.php?title=Manual_ChaoticaIntegration for details
  • support for the Leap Motion Controller for animating flame-fractals, please see the official documentation at http://wiki.jwildfire.org/index.php?title=Manual_LeapMotionIntegration for details
  • new random-flame-generators:
    • “Tile Ball”-, inspired by the 3D Tile Ball Script made by Shortgreenpigg
    • “Julians”-random-flame-generator, based on a script created by Steven Brodhead
  • new variations/plugins :
    • “custom_wf_full” by Gregg Helt to allow to generate and test complete Variations at runtime
    • “w” by Michael Faber
    • “y” by Michael Faber
    • “x” by Michael Faber
    • “z” by Michael Faber
    • “trade” by Michael Faber
    • “wdisc” by Michael Faber
    • “deltaA” by Michael Faber
    • “idisc” by Michael Faber
    • “CircleTrans1” by eralex
    • “CircleRand” by eralex
    • “CircleLinear” by eralex
    • “blur_pixelize” by Xyrus02
    • “blur_circle” by Xyrus02
    • “rhodonea” by Gregg Helt
    • “butterfly_fay” by Gregg Helt
    • “flower_db” by Darkbeam and Gregg Helt
    • “rosoni” by Darkbeam and Gregg Helt
    • “stwin” transcribed by Gregg Helt
  • additions the Motion-Curves-Editor:
    • smoothing-function
    • import/export of raw motion-data
    • new editing-mode for motion-curves (drag curve horizontal/vertical), some changes in the UI of the motion-curve-editor, smoothing for motion-curves
  • additions to the Scripting-interface:
    • API for managing persistent settings for scripts, see ScriptRunnerEnvironment::getScriptProperty, examples to come
    • API for generating rich user-interfaces for scripts, examples to come
  • changed the default antialiasing-settings in order to create images with more details
  • inherit the settings of “Duration” and “Morph”-count in the Easy Movie Maker from the previous movie part
  • new “Ziggurat”-random-generator, added by boleslaw, which is the new default
  • new FPS-setting for flames, with customizable default-value in the Prefs
  • renamed the main-menu-item “Script” into “Operators Script” to avoid confusions with flame-scripts

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂