JWildfire 2.23 release

Just released JWildfire V2.23. This time there are some additions to the MutaGen, new variations by Xyrus02 and some more small improvements. Enjoy!

Complete list of changes:

  • MutaGen: three user-defined meta-mutation-types which can be customized in the Prefs (i. e., you may specify which mutations should be applied)
  • MutaGen: new options in the Prefs to specify the four initial mutation-types to be used
  • new “dc_triangle”-variation by Xyrus02
  • new “dc_bubble”-variation by Xyrus02
  • new “dc_carpet”-variation by Xyrus02
  • new “dc_linear”-variation by Xyrus02
  • new “curl_sp”-variation by Xyrus02
  • improved the “Sierpinsky”-random-flame-generator
  • improved the “Julian Disc”-random-flame-generator
  • added a SPACE-hotkey to toggle rendering of detached preview on/off
  • fixed a problem regarding the closing of the detached preview-window where the application still consumed a lot of CPU-power
  • some small optimizations

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂