JWildfireMini 1.6 for Android is available

“Fractals everywhere, any time” – the 2nd generation of the JWildfire app for Android mobile devices

Welcome to the new version of JWildfireMini which comes with some really exciting new features:

  • significantly increased rendering speed
  • significantly increased stability
  • rendering of images directly to the image-gallery, support for different render-sizes
  • random-flame-generator for endless fun
  • storing of all files to the accessible storage of the device (you may access them with a file-explorer)
  • allowing to copy flames from other sources, e.g. Apophysis-flames, into the flame-library
  • 40 new stunning example flames
  • 14 new images for the flame-gallery
  • caching of preview-images of the flame-library, display of flame-thumbnails in the flame-list
  • updated the renderer to version 2.1 (from the desktop application), e. g. the MutaGen could come with some nice Bokeh-effects

Complete list of changes (please read carefully):

V1.6 (released):
– the interactive-renderer keeps the display active to avoid abort of rendering
– new option to rescue flames from the internal flame-library of JWildfire 1.1 (probably does only work when installed as update from the PlayStore)

– added a new “Notes”-button at the main window to display some useful notes about flame fractals and the app
– ability to use more memory on Android4.x (in order to render images at higher resolution)
– added the ability to accept any flame-files (e. g. also from Apophysis) in the flame-library (by just copying them into the “flames”-folder)

– improved the speed of the random-flame-generator
– display flame-thumbnails in the flame-library
– 40 new stunning example-flames
– 14 new images for the flame-gallery
– removed the help-messages which were displayed automatically in the MutaGen, added a Help-button

– the realtime-preview in the interative-renderer now respects the aspect-ratio of the image
– flame-files were saved at the same-place as images files (and are able to survive any further updates)
– made the code to access the storage-device more robust
– added some resolution-presets

– significant increase of rendering speed (about 100%)
– random-flame-generator in the Interactive renderer for endless fun (the generated random flames may be stored to the flame-library to be mutated or rendered later)
– updated the renderer to the current version (2.1) of the main application (e.g. more variations, render bokeh effects and 3d-flames)
– using the aceesible storage of the device for storing image data
– removed the “Share image”-function which caused the program to terminate (as reported from many users) on many devices
– new “Save image”-function which stores the currently rendered image on the storage and adds it to the image Gallery
– support for rendering in different resolutions
– “Bokeh” and “Affine3D”-mutation in the MutaGen3x3 and MutaGen5x5
– cache for preview-images (stored onto the external SD-folder) for faster display after the first access

V1.1 (released):
– some performance-optimizations in the interactive renderer
– slightly reduced the image-size in the interactive renderer
– minor performance-optimizations in the renderer
– fixed a nasty bug regarding the expiration-date of the app
V1.0 (released):
– initial release

Download the FREE version directly from this site (as signed APK):

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