JWildfire V2.00 BETA 3 release

We are almost there! Just released JWildfire V2.00 BETA 3 which comes with many new stuff, among them two outstanding features: a new button in the editor to add randomized bokeh-like effects (it’s really great fun, just play with it) and the ability to create motion curves from mp3-files, the creating sound-synced flame-fractal-movies was never such easy!


Complete list of changes so far:

  • BETA 3:
  • button for simply-generation of bokeh-like effects in the main editor – it’s pure fun!
  • new “Rect”-bokeh-style
  • ability to use/create motion-curves made from mp3-audio, it has never been easier to create a sound-sync motion of a flame-fractal!
  • ability to transform (shift, scale) motion-curves in the motion-curve-dialog
  • improved the behaviour of “view-all”-function in the motion-curve-dialog
  • increased the preview quality in the motion-curve-dialog (may be slower, but makes sense to see more detail here)
  • options to specify custom (individual) sizes or quality-levels in the batch-renderer
  • option to override (re-render) images in the Batch-renderer
  • ability to display also rendered images in the batch-renderer
  • BETA 2:
  • some experimental OpenCl-code which can cause faster rendering on some devices (use the new checkbox in the launcher to turn it on or off, per default it is off)
  • experimental channel mixer which allows to adjust raw fractal colors using several modes:
    • gamma
    • rgb (one curve for each color component)
    • full (three curves for each color component)
  • new “NBlur”-bokeh style
  • optimized the refresh of the display of the interactive renderer (disable property tinaOptimizedRenderingIR in the Prefs if this makes problems on slow machines)
  • several small optimizations to the renderer
  • the launcher now shows an error message (different from the technical java-error) when it detects a 32bit java and a memory usage below 1 GB
  • BETA 1:
  • please DO NOT USE, all new features are announced under BETA 2
  • ALPHA 3:
  • retain selected layer after “Undo”/”Redo”
  • smoother transition between DoF and non-DoF-areas
  • new “Stripes”-random-gradient-generator
  • renamed the misspelled “Responsibility”-property into “Responsiveness”
  • fine-tuned the new “responsiveness”-setting
  • ALPHA 2:
  • new “Black&White”-random-flame-generator inspired by the “B&W converter”-script by Brad Stefanov and Mick Hogan
  • changed the “*crop”, “*circlecrop” and “fract*”-variations to use the new mechanism to hide samples (should remove an “annoying vertical line” in some cases)
  • support for actually hiding pixels which can be used from within variations to control visibility, especiall useful for cropping which really crops instead of setting points at a random position or zero
  • added a new experimental option to make the program (and the OS) more responsible while rendering. This is enabled by default. Change the property “tinaResponsibility” in the Prefs-window to tune the behaviour
  • internally reworked the strategy of the refresh of the display of the interactive renderer
  • added new scripts “Add Random Final FX by MH and MO”, “Textured_Cylinders_Rev01_by_MH” and “Crackle_Styles_Chooser_Rev01_by_MH”, all created  by Mick Hogan, as Standard-Scripts
  • added new scripts “LoonieSplits DT”, “Buckballs by DT” and “M&M Flower DT”, all created  by Don Town as Standard-Scripts
  • experimental support for an additional alpha channel which can be modified by variations
  • new “dinis_surface”-variation
  • new “pre_rect”-variation
  • ALPHA 1:
  • created a fix to avoid the default “overexposing” of many flames, i.e. most renders should look darker by default, but should look more smooth
  • created a new “Bokeh”-subtab on the “DOF”-tab. Here you can adjust different options to create awesome “bokeh”-like effects
  • tried to make the Interactive Renderer behave more “smooth”
  • added two new parameters to “fract_*”-variations: “z_fill” to fill the vertical gaps in 3d-mode, “z_logscale” to use log-scale in z-direction (nice for creating 3D-meshes)
  • fixed an unwanted “dot” in the “primitives_wf”-variation, when drawing a pyramid-shape
  • new experimental “xheart_blur”-variation (which bases on “xheart” by Xyrus02)
  • fixed dark background in the help-section

Note: please do not use the new “Channel Mixers”-tab yet 😉

Enjoy! 🙂