Endless mutation fun: the playful JWildfire V0.67 release

Just released JWildfire V0.67.

I’m really glad that I finally found the time to implement a long dream: the “MutaGen”-module. It is inspired by KPT3’s texture editor and is an really amazing new module to interactively create mutations of a certain flame.
There are several mutation types affecting different “genes” (types of flame properties).
Those mutations are applied at two levels: generation A (8 new fractals from the base flame) and generation B (16 new fractals from generation A), generating total 24 new flames at each mutation step.
You can easily exchange fractals between the main editor and the new module at any time.
Unlike to many other programs of this type, there is a true history, i.e. you can navigate back to earlier generations at any time.
Even if there are so many possible parameter combinations which may lead to singularies and huge computation times, the programm achieves predictable computation times for each whole generation. This is done by delegating the mutation process to separate threads and eventually just killing them.

Complete list of changes:

  •  new MutaGen module for creating muatations of a certain flame
  • new “sintrange” variaton by Ffey
  • new “Sort” button on the gradient transform tab (to create a new gradient which is sorted by hue and luminance)
  • the view is now centered after starting a render in the interactive renderer
  • decreased the change rate of the edit gradient-related fields (some of the change now by of a factor of 0.05)
  • moved the “SF” (subflame) button into the script area
  • improved the Gnarl random flame generator
  • slightly improved rendering (regarding quality)

Just click the “MutaG” button in the editor to start playing around and have fun 🙂