DOF fun: JWildfire V0.62 release

Just released JWildfire V0.62.

Major new feature is the possiblity to visually specify the focus point for calculating dof (depth of field) effects. So its much more easy to to create fractal images with awesome “depth” effects.

Complete list of changes:

  • more accurate calculation of dof (depth of field)
  • freely specify the focus point in dof
  • special edit mode to specify the focus point visually (by dragging it with the mouse)
  • simplified triangle editing modes (move, rotate and scale is one mode and uses the same controls as view editing mode), free point editing is the same as before
  • allow to change the camera yaw angle by dragging the mouse in the preview window (hold left and right mouse button)
  • mouse view editing: modify camera pitch by dragging the mouse in the vertical (y) direction, modify camera roll by dragging the mouse in the horizontal (x) direction
  • “circus” variation my Michael Faber
  • FIXED a bug in the Flame morphing service regarding flames with final transforms (which caused final transforms to be duplicated)
  • reset the DE filter amount to 0 of older flames (because the meaning of the value had changed and would cause too much blur if used as before)

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂